Frank Ocean, a headlining act at Coachella, will not be getting a second chance to perform due to a reported leg injury.

After a controversial first weekend set, Ocean has dropped out of his second headlining slot on Sunday, April 23. The injury is said to have been sustained on the festival grounds during the week leading up to his performance.

Frank Ocean has not provided specific details about the extent of his reported leg injury or addressed the awkward staging of his performance at Coachella.

However, former hockey players and hosts of the Empty Netters podcast, Dan and Chris Powers, share insights and spill the tea about what may have happened during their Tuesday show.

The Empty Netters podcast hosts, Dan and Chris Powers, shared insights into the elaborate setup for Frank Ocean's Coachella performance, which was intended to spotlight a hockey rink as a stage.

The setup required more than a month of rehearsals involving professional hockey and figure skaters, including the Powers brothers.

Dan described his experience of auditioning at a Paramount Studios sound stage on an "elevated ice surface" and subsequently spending a month rehearsing with Frank Ocean and other skaters, including figure skaters, for what he described as a "huge ordeal."

According to Chris Powers of the Empty Netters podcast, the extensive rehearsal time for Frank Ocean's Coachella performance was necessary due to the large number of skaters involved.

Chris mentioned that originally, there were going to be 120 skaters on the ice, and only around 30 ended up walking during the reconfigured show