The 155th Belmont Stakes witnessed a remarkable moment as Trainer Jena  Antonucci etched her name in the annals of horse racing history

Coincidentally, this groundbreaking achievement occurred exactly 50  years after Secretariat's iconic victory, which clinched the revered  Triple Crown.

Amidst the thunderous cheers emanating from the Belmont Park spectators,  another significant sound reverberated through the air—the resounding  shattering of horse racing's long-standing glass ceiling.

In a thrilling display of skill and strategy, Trainer Jena Antonucci achieved an extraordinary feat at the 155th Belmont Stake

As Arcangelo skillfully maneuvered through the innermost path and surged  ahead of the frontrunner, National Treasure, crossing the finish line  first, history was made.

With this resounding victory, Antonucci cemented her place in horse  racing history as the first-ever female trainer to win the prestigious  Belmont Stakes.

Moreover, her triumph also marked a significant milestone as the first  female trainer to claim victory in any of the coveted Triple Crown  races.