Former US President Donald Trump was released on bail after his court appearance and returned to his estate in Florida, where he delivered a fiery speech attacking critics, opponents, and the justice system

While some expected moderation from him after his charges, his speech proved the opposite.

Italian newspaper La Stampa noted that Trump had "thrown off the mask." Pro-Kremlin Russian daily Izvestia quoted Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, who called the arrest "the crisis of liberalism.

China's state-controlled media did not give much attention to the court case on its front pages, but there was a lot of discussion about it on social media site Weib.

US President Donald Trump's lawyers stated that their client believed the case to be a "great injustice" and that he was frustrated and upset with the proceedings.

However, the judge warned that certain rhetoric and language are not justified by frustration.

The judge's warning was not an order, but he said he would have to take a closer look if the issue arose again