Angels’ Anthony Rendon Returns to the Field with 1 Mission to Foster a Feeling of Immediacy

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Anthony Rendon has made a remarkable recovery after a groin injury, and he has now rejoined the starting lineup following a month-long absence.

In order to accommodate Rendon’s return, Livan Soto has been sent back to double-A Rocket City as part of a roster adjustment.

Rendon had a fantastic start to the month of May, displaying impressive offensive skills with a batting average of .412 and an outstanding OPS of 1.041 in the first 10 games. Unfortunately, his performance was abruptly halted due to an injury.

While he continued to have a positive impact in the clubhouse, his absence on the field was noticeable, and his productivity was sorely missed.

During Rendon’s absence, the Angels had a record of 10-11, which is similar to their overall record of 31-30 prior to Tuesday’s game. However, their performance suffered without their experienced third baseman, as they lost seven out of their last ten games.


Particularly, they struggled against the Houston Astros, losing three out of four games and appearing outmatched on the field.

On Tuesday, Rendon discussed the strong bond within the Angels team and emphasized the importance of supporting one another as the season moves forward.

However, with this sense of unity, does it also bring increased expectations for the team to convert their camaraderie into on-field success?

Rendon expressed that there isn’t necessarily added pressure despite the team’s desire to achieve success. He acknowledged that the organization has struggled for an extended period, with a lack of playoff appearances.

Anthony Rendon

Despite not being a part of those previous years, Rendon understands the weight of the situation and shares the collective goal of winning.

He further emphasized that the focus is on the present and the urgent need for victories, rather than feeling burdened by external expectations. The primary objective is clear: to achieve victory without any additional pressure.

Rendon’s straightforward evaluation conveyed a clear message: the current moment is ideal for demonstrating a heightened sense of urgency. Alongside Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani, Rendon aims to take a leadership role in driving this determined effort.

Regarding Rendon’s impact on the team, General Manager Perry Minasian acknowledged his significance by stating that he is one of their top players. Rendon, with a .301 batting average, one home run, and 20 RBIs in 30 games, has proven his value on the field.

By observing the team’s performance with and without Rendon in the past couple of years, there is a noticeable and significant difference, which Minasian believes is not a coincidence. Rendon plays a crucial role in the success of a winning team.

Rendon emphasized the importance of aiming for at least 15 wins each month as he consistently reminds his teammates of this target. By doing the math, he believes that achieving 90 wins would provide a strong opportunity for the team to contend and extend their season well into October.

Nationals Anthony Rendon, Tanner Roark and Adam LaRoche wait to hear decision...

Rendon acknowledged that the team hasn’t been performing at their peak level, but they have managed to meet the minimum requirement of wins.

However, he expressed the need to push his teammates further, aiming for even more victories, such as a 16th or 17th win in a given month. Rendon emphasized the importance of perseverance and continuing to work hard to achieve their goals.

Game of Anthony Rendon

Following three games in the leadoff position, Ohtani was placed in the No. 2 spot for the series opener against the Chicago Cubs, while Mike Trout took the No. 3 spot.

Trout has primarily batted in the No. 2 spot this season, doing so 53 times, whereas his appearance in the No. 3 spot was a relatively infrequent occurrence, being just his fourth time in that position.

Manager Phil Nevin explained that the decision to shuffle their positions was aimed at spreading out the left-handed hitters in the lineup and finding the best combination that works for both players.

Nevin clarified that it wasn’t necessarily due to their performance concerns, but rather an exploration to determine the most effective lineup arrangement, ensuring it aligns with the expectations set for them.

First run of the game goes to the Angels

Ohtani currently boasts an OPS (On-Base Plus Slugging) of .885, showing an improvement compared to his .875 mark from the previous season. As for Trout, his OPS stands at .894, and except for his rookie season in 2011, he has consistently finished above .900.

However, in his last eight games, Trout has struggled, batting .133 with a .511 OPS, one home run, and four RBIs.

Nevin acknowledged that people might be concerned about the recent performances of Trout and Ohtani, but he expressed confidence in their abilities and the belief that they will regain their form.

Nevin explained that the lineup arrangement for Tuesday’s game took into account the matchups with left-handed and right-handed pitchers, which he believed would provide a suitable opportunity for both players to excel.

Weak Point of Anthony Rendon

Matt Moore, a left-handed reliever dealing with an oblique injury, is scheduled for further evaluation by the medical staff. There is a possibility that he will soon begin a throwing program as part of his recovery process.

On the other hand, left-handed pitcher Jose Suarez, who is recovering from a shoulder issue, is currently undergoing rehabilitation at the team’s facility in Arizona. However, he has not yet progressed to the stage of throwing to hitters as part of his recovery protocol.

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